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  • Digital Displays

    A wide range of digital displays including Digital clocks with GPS, Performance boards, Rate display boards, LED Signage, Moving Message displays. Indoor and outdoor display with internet and wireless connectivity

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  • Electronic Noticeboard

    State of the art electronic noticeboard with internet and wireless connectivity. Provide breaking news and important information in real time. Information can be display in multiple languages.

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  • LED Signage

    Hi-bright LED Signage solution. Ideal replacement for Neon signs with over 50% power savings compared to Neon. LED Signs made from Acrylic, Aluminum, Stainless Steel with Back light, front light, edge light options. LED Signs made from single LEDs as per customer design and requirement. Fully guaranteed for 2 years

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We are OEM of LED based Public Information Systems. We are RDSO approved supplier for LED Signal Lamps. We offer wide range of Display, Automation and Embedded systems for Industries, Public & Private sectors, Hotels Government, Banks and Educational Institutes. Browse our website for more information