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Automatic School Bell


  • Based on 89S52 Micro Controller circuit.
  • Provision for setting of different timetable for weekdays (Monday to Friday), Saturday & Sunday, separately.
  • Provision of Setting Time as per your standard.
  • Provision to select Long bell for Start / End timing of School & Recesses and short bell for start / end timings of Period.
  • Provision to set Holidays, on set Holidays bell will not ring.
  • Provision for setting of Exam Time Table separately.
  • Provision to set Vacation Period, for no ring period.
  • Provision of ringing bell in vacation period if any such activity is done.
  • Provision of Password for unauthorized operation.
  • Provision of programming by user.
  • Provision to view loaded timetable group vise, like, working day, Saturday etc.
  • Provision of in built sound for ringing bell through speaker.
  • Provision to install up to 6 speakers in a system.
  • Provision to edit working timetable
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Automatic School Bell System


  • Micro-controller based design, including Real Time clock.
  • Internal battery backup for correct time retention after power failure
  • Alphanumeric display made from Dot Matrix display, Numeric display made from LEDs or 7-Segment display
  • SMPS power supply
  • Low power design, less than 10 W consumption
  • Operating on 230 V AC
  • Fully guaranteed for one year



  • 40 Watt speakers
  • 1 km. / 2 km. siren
  • Electric Bell



Autolite Automatic Bell System



  • Schools
  • Colleges
  • Hostels
  • Industries