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Digital clock


  • Accurate digital clock made from LED or 7 Segment display
  • Available in various size from 1 inch to 4 feet
  • Display available inRed, Green, Orange, Yellow, Amber,  White and Blue color
  • Custom design to match office interior design
  • Custom design for outdoor display
  • 2 Switch to set time
  • Optional GPS connectivity for accurate time
  • Optional Solar connectivity
  • Time can be displayed in 12 / 24 hours mode
  • 6 digit clock with Hours, Minute and Seconds display



      • Accurate Master Slave Clock System for perfect time synchronization
      • Up-to 32 Slave clocks can be connected to single master in 1 km. radius
      • Slave clocks synced with master every second
      • Master clock available with GPS receiver and Dual mode hot standby mode
      • Master clock in 19″ Rack mountable body
      • Master clock displays time in Hours, Minutes and Seconds in IST or UTC
      • Slave clocks can display time in Hours & Minutes or Hours, Minutes and Seconds in IST or UTC


12in. Digits 2in Clocks
12″ LED Clock with GPS  2″ 7 Segment Clock


      • Micro-controller based design, including Real Time clock.
      • Internal battery backup for correct time retention after power failure
      • SMPS power supply
      • Operating on 230 V AC
      • Fully guaranteed for one year



    • Indian Railways, State Road Transport Corporations, Airport Authority of India
    • Banks
    • Corporate Offices
    • Industries
    • Government Officies
    • Hotels