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1. Embedded Software Engineer:

The Embedded Software Engineer will be responsible for software in C and Assembly language for 8 and 32 bit Micro controllers based products. The ideal candidate should have a good understanding of C and Microprocessor Architecture. Responsibilities also include testing the Software using Emulator and on Hardware prototype platform. The Software Engineer will work closely with Hardware Engineer to design, test and integrate Hardware and Software. Preferably Electronics or Computer Engineering graduate or final year student.

2. Hardware Engineer:

The Hardware Engineer will be primarily responsible for Microcontroller based design. This will include designing hardware for software testing and prototyping. Other responsibilities include Analog, RF, Power and board level design. Must have hands on experience with Lab equipments like Oscilloscope and PC based software tools. Ideal candidate should have a basic understanding of Microprocessor Architecture, Windows and/ or Linux knowledge, Board level design knowledge and a good lab experience and liking. Preferably Electronics Engineering graduate or final year student.

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3. Internship:

Engineering and diploma students interested in Internship or final year projects on Embedded systems are welcome to send resume to